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Software as a Service

Imagine that you have a powerful tool that helps your investment staff to manage yours AMC’s.
Based on proprietary, high-powered and modern technology, we have created one fully integrated SaaS solution to manage all AMCs that have in the Investment Universe the Spot assets like currencies, Indexes and commodities.
The services offered by Swissinvestor SA are offered according to all outputs needed by the Strategy-Manager and made available via a network FIX API to each AMC account. The services also include the provision of full support IT services and the software maintenance.

Service availability depends on the Custodian entity.

The Strategy-Manager may, at its discretion, choose the configuration type according to their needs and risk aversion.
The Manager can receive the inputs as they are or modify them, which is not recommended because, if the manager is not very experienced, it can lead to unexpected losses, as in the example presented in the annexed graph.

A monthly fee will be paid for performance achieved above the waterline.

Our structure is hosted in the Data Center in London, includes an electronic MT5 platform and an algorithm with five years of testing.
The network Service Level Agreement guarantees:
100 % power availability;
100 % network uptime;
Global network protection against distributed Denial of Service (dDoS) attacks.